S&W SW 22 Victory

I wanted to pick up a .22 plinker for a while now and decided on the S&W Victory. If you want to read up on the specs go here.

I was after something with a threaded barrel, was easy to shoot, accurate and easy to maintain. I score it high on all except the maintenance….and I only knock that as its not a tool less takedown, you needs one Allen key to break it down. I guess you could run a bore snake thought for cleaning, but it so much easier to remove that once Allen head bolt and run a rod through the barrel.

The can is just for bling and honestly it’s way too big, but it sure is quite.

The nice thing about that single Allen bolt is once removed the entire frame/barrel and striker fire assembly comes out and clean up is a breeze.

It’s spot on accurate and like most plinking .22 you can get an assortment of aftermarket parts. As you can imagine recoil is non existent as the pistol has a little weight to it, perhaps a tad front end heavy, but manageable.

MSRP is $409 but if you look for sales they go for around $350, perhaps less. The bonus is .22 ammo is literally falling out of the stores so it’s a good time to go or start plinking.

SW 22 Victory with Liberty Suppressors Mystic X.

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