MagnetoSpeed V3 to a 1911

A search for the above will return a few posts but none addressing the actual issue; how to attach a MagnetoSpeed V3 to a 1911 style gun that does not have accessory rails.

The first work-a-round is simply zip tying the MagnetoSpeed to the trigger guard. This option will require holding both the gun and MagnetoSpeed while testing reloads, not exactly ideal. However, it’s actually quite secure but I think it would be safer to have all hands and fingers at the rear of the gun. Below are a few photos of this option.

Next up is a tad bit more involved but may actually work. The idea is screwing the MagnetoSpeed to the base and resting the gun in the correct position. I used some scrap lumber, wire hold downs and sheet metal screws.

The base is about a foot square with a short piece of 2×4 screwed from the underside. The front part of the frame of the gun sits directly on the MagnetoSpeed. At the rear I ground out some material to allow the magazine to sit into the base. I lined everything up and have a 1/4″ gap between the MagnetoSpeed bayonet and the projectiles.

I used the wire hold downs to help center the gun up on base. As the recoil (should be) straight back I only used them at the front and sides. You can also see the magazine slot in the base. It slanted up at the back so hopefully the projectile will be passed the end of the bayonet by the time it slide up and out. I suspect the gun will rise some so I should be okay.

Here’s a close up of the magazine slot and wire hood downs. If all goes well I’ll be able to range test in the coming days.

Okay, got to the range and it works great. The only issue was the screws holding the MagnetoSpeed to the wooden base worked loose. I just needed to check then every so often and re-tighten. Perhaps I’ll come up with version 1.2 in the near future. Also, my reloads worked great as well!

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